How does using Ghosthost work?

It's really simple actually. All you do is record your content, and then upload your audio files to your Ghosthost client dashboard. We do the rest, and keep you updated through the whole process.

What is an “Episode Credit”?

An episode credit is a pre-paid credit toward a finished podcast in your tier of package. This means if you miss a week or want to take a break from recording - you don’t lose episodes you have already paid for. Think of it as an episode “roll-over” program.

What does Ghosthost specialize in?

We make podcasts that help brands and people create a powerful connection to their audience. We are not only podcast creators, but also podcast fans. So we know firsthand how effective the connection a good show and it's audience can be.

What makes us different is our ability to create a unique identity for your podcast, and grow your audience. This means having original music, creating promotional materials and effectively helping not only edit your show, but grow your audience as well.

Can I transfer my existing podcast over to Ghosthost for editing and mixing?

Yes! We offer editing packages, as well as workshops for a podcast that is not performing the way you are wanting. We can help in the strategy, as well as the technical aspects of your podcast.

Fill out the form on this page and we will get started on your podcast.

How long does it take to edit a podcast episode?

Once you're a paying member of Ghosthost, you will get your episode and deliverables in no more than 72 hours once your audio files have been submitted.